Secure Online Solutions For Business

You need secure online solutions for businesses that safeguard your customers as well as you from cyberattacks. These threats could compromise your business and lead to financial loss. Cyberattacks are on the rise and you’ll need an approach to prevent these attacks.

Online and offline businesses must consider a range of security issues. While an offline business may install cameras or stronger locks online, online businesses must think about cyberattacks that are aimed at stealing customer data as well as hacking websites.

In the e-commerce industry it is standard for companies, like Amazon to store details about credit cards and other personal information of their customers. This could draw cybercriminals to your site and lead to an attack. Consider using an ecommerce platform that secures the data on the server and does not save it on your website.

To avoid becoming the victim of cyberattacks you should also ask your employees to use strong passwords. Be sure to use comprised of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters to keep hackers from figuring out their passwords. Also, you should have anti-malware software on every device used by employees to access your company’s systems and data. It should be part of the operating system on each device and regularly updated.

If you need a security solution for your site, consider Menlo Security. It is a specialist in securing websites using isolation. This means that each when a user visits a website, they do so through an external browser in the cloud. This prevents malicious content from being able to reach your site, and keeps users safe.

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